Philosophy of KUDOKE

There are quite a few watch brand, but only few can create emotions. What makes a watch extraordinary? A good watch stands out due to the perfectly concerted sophistication of its movement. An outstanding watch matures during weeks of handwork to become an unique piece of art with own personality at the end of this process. But only if even the smallest nuances perfecting a watch are considered it becomes a real KUDOKE.

Our first principle is individuality - an individuality  you can not find in any mass product but only in unique pieces. Due to the consideration of customer preferences each KUDOKE reflects the individual style of its owner expressing his distinctive personality. Each KUDOKE is an unicum. Only this combination meets the demands of  a real individualist. For KUDOKE the aspiration for Individuality, it is not just a phrase – it is the center of our creative work.

KUDOKE – Time for You