Explore the world of traditional watchmaking!

To handcraft a small piece of art, a KUDOKE has to go through a long and difficult work process. A gifted watchmaker needs many years of experience to settle the ability of making skeleton and handcrafted watches. For this reason it is impossible to produce large numbers. It takes time to create something timeless.

You may select between our three different lines of watches:

1. HANDwerk

"Handwerk" in German means "handcraft". The first KUDOKE in-house movement Kaliber 1 provides the basis for this new collection. Again Stefan sets great value upon the refinement of the watch components by hand. Thus the name of the collection expresses what it is about: applying traditional watchmaking skills to manufacture elaborate timepieces.


2. KUNSTwerk 

The German term "Kunstwerk" means "Work of Art". A perfect description for our handskeletonized and engraved watches. In this collection you may discover either Skeletons where you can witness what's going on in the mechanical movement as all wheels, springs and levers are visible through the completely skeletonized movement plate and bridges - or our models with elaboratlely handmade dials in the front and handskeletonized and engraved backside.


3. YOURwerk

Here you find unique pieces, developed and manufactured for special customers as well as models from the past.