„Each KUDOKE is an extraordinary Masterpiece of time.“

Explore the fascinating world of watchmaking. There are many brands performing on this market, only few can create emotions like a KUDOKE does. What makes these watches so extraordinary? We believe it is the perfect combination of fine watch mechanism and exceptional design which makes a KUDOKE to what it is.

To handcraft a piece of art like this a KUDOKE has to go through a long and difficult work process. A gifted watchmaker needs many years of experience to settle the ability of making skeleton watches. For this reason it is impossible to produce large numbers. It takes time to create something timeless. When your KUDOKE is finished you will find out what the word UNIQUENESS means. Then you will own a watch reflecting your way of life. A KUDOKE is always just like you: One of a kind.

Together with our customers we decide the way the watch is going to look like. As soon as the design is set entirely your individual KUDOKE is being made. KUDOKE, experience the magic of unique Skeleton Watches.