handcraft & individuality

We are often asked whether it is possible to customize existing models or even to manufacture a unique piece (in German “Einzelstück”).

These special designs are developed together with our clients and require not only time and patience but also creativity and the power of imagination on both sides.

Discover the steps involved in creating and manufacturing a custom made watch:

Step 1

Based on the type of movement, a sketch
is made, where our clients may express
their individual wishes which are implemented if technically feasible. The stability of the movement is the only limitation of imagination.

Step 2

After the movement has been disassembled into its components, the sketch is now transferred in detail on the movement parts. Accordingly plates, bridges and wheels are drilled precisely and skeletonized by hand with a very small saw.


Step 3

Within the next work step the movement is
shaped by filing, any burr has to be removed and various decorative grindings are applied. Afterwards all edges are spotlessly filed and polished until a so called ‘anglage’ has developed.

Step 4

The movement in its final shape is now engraved completely by hand. To work out the diminutive details a microscope is used. By including special patterns, writings and symbols the individuality of the movement can be intensified.

Step 5

The traditional finishing of a movement contains the refinement of the screws by hand. Within several working steps it is grinded off, polished and blued over a naked flame until all screws of one movement have the same shade of blue.

Step 6

For some models even the dial as well as hands are manufactured completely by hand. For example the typical wavelike hand shape has been created manually. After sawing out the patterns, the parts are filed, polished and blued evenly.

Step 7

Before reassembling and casing the refined
movement, plates and bridges are electroplated. By means of this technique truly fascinating color effects can be created using different shades of rhodium and gold.


Our first principle is individuality – a quality that cannot be obtained in a mass market or industrial product, but one cultivated in unique pieces. Each KUDOKE represents the culmination of a creative process between the watchmaker and the client, integrating preferences, styles, personalities to form a unicum. At KUDOKE, the aspiration towards individuality is at the heart of our creative work.

Here you will find some special orders that we have already realized for our clients, as well as models or limited series from the past.

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