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…for the exceptional, one-of-a-kind mechanical masterpieces of KUDOKE. Combining distinctive craftsmanship and the power of the imagination, master watchmaker and GPHG laureate Stefan Kudoke creates unique pieces of mechanical art. Chief among his classical skills, meticulous hand skeletonizing and engraving transform an upscale ébauche into an extraordinary KUDOKE. The preservation of traditional watchmaking techniques in our quest for the exceptional is our unceasing ambition and raison d’être.

Ticking pieces of art

When creativity, mechanics, and craftsmanship come together.


Pure watchmaking

Just like one hundred years ago, simple timepieces are created and finished by hand interpreted in a contemporary way.


A special edition of the HANDwerk series that redefines the boundaries of the art of watchmaking

The exclusive special edition KUDOKE ∞ is equipped with a dial made of blue Goldstone and a hand-guilloched movement bridge, which literally demonstrate the infinite possibilities of the art of watchmaking.

Due to the time-intensive handcrafted production, “KUDOKE ∞” will be available as a special edition with an annual production of only 12 pieces.

Stefan und Ev

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