Collections of KUDOKE

Masterpieces of time.

It takes time to create something timeless. To handcraft a work of mechanical art, a KUDOKE undergoes a long and arduous creative process. It is only through many years of experience that a gifted watchmaker is able to handcraft timepieces with artistic skeletonization and engraving. For this reason, it is impossible to produce these pieces in large numbers.

Discover our different collections:


The German term “Kunstwerk” means “Work of Art.” This collection constitutes Stefan’s artistic flights of hand skeletonized and engraved mechanical art. The beauty of these pieces is in the discovery of the underlying mechanical movement – wheels, springs, levers – visible through the skeletonize plate and bridges; and it is in timepieces with elaborately handmade dials coupled with assiduously skeletonized and engraved movements in back.



“Handwerk” in German means “Handcraft.” The first KUDOKE in-house movement Kaliber 1 is the foundation of this new collection. In keeping with his dedication to refinement, Stefan places great value on high hand finishing of the watch components. Hence the name of the collection reflects the traditional handcraft invested into each elaborate timepiece.


We often receive requests for special designs. Here you find unique pieces (in German “Einzelstück”) developed and manufactured for clients, as well as models from the past and the steps involved in creating such special pieces.


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