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Handcraft and Individuality

Our Philosophy

What makes a timepiece extraordinary? We believe a good watch starts with a sophisticated and well crafted movement. An outstanding watch matures through numerous rounds and processes of handwork that imbue it a unique form and personality. Finally, it is only when the most intricate of nuances are addressed, honed, and perfected, does the watch become a KUDOKE.

Our first principle is individuality – a quality that cannot be obtained in a mass market or industrial product, but one cultivated in unique pieces. Each KUDOKE represents the culmination of a creative process between the watchmaker and the client, integrating preferences, styles, personalities to form a unicum. At KUDOKE, the aspiration towards individuality is at the heart of our creative work.

KUDOKE – Time for You!

Stefan vor Steinwand

About Stefan Kudoke

Stefan Kudoke’s passion for watchmaking handcraft began at an early age when two skilled master craftsmen imbued in him an appreciation and love of the mechanical processes of timekeeping.

Although not born into a long family tradition in watchmaking, Stefan finished his studies by graduating with honors. He continued to study and refine his skills at the manufacture Glashütte Original in the studio for complications and prototypes. He then continued his professional development in the service department for Breguet, Blancpain, and Omega in New York. But that is not the end of the story.

His thirst for knowledge and artisanal refinement was hardly slaked when he achieved the Master Craftsman Certificate at the age of 22. Inspired by this passion, and bolstered by his studies in economics and finance, the young master watchmaker set upon the independent path of designing and creating his own watches under the eponymous brand KUDOKE. This is the cornerstone of KUDOKE craftsmanship: harnessing the best of traditional watchmaking techniques to explore the imagination and creativity of the watchmaker and his clients.

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