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The German term “Kunstwerk” means “Work of Art.” This collection constitutes Stefan’s artistic flights of hand skeletonized and engraved mechanical art. The beauty of these pieces is in the discovery of the underlying mechanical movement – wheels, springs, levers – visible through the skeletonize plate and bridges; and it is in timepieces with elaborately handmade dials coupled with assiduously skeletonized and engraved movements in back.


Captivating – with its all embracing tentacles KudOktopus wrapped in roségold and rhodium captures time.

Real Skeleton

The one and only skeleton watch: with hand-skeletonized bones and a diamond-eyed skull this model takes the term “skeleton” literally.

Free KudOktopus

Free KudOktopus

As opposed to its two brothers, Free KudOktopus has been released from the case and is now no longer captured behind glass.

Black Beauty

Elegantly wrapped in black rhodium and rarefied with restrained golden accents this KUDOKE becomes a dark beauty.

HS 1

The classic among skeleton watches – its hand-skeletonized and -engraved movement parts shimmer in timeless silver-white due to the galvanic treatment with white rhodium.

HR 1

A dream in rose gold!



Inspired by historical Memento-Mori timepieces, this model stands for the transience of time.

White Flower

White flowers are the motif of this watch creation, which captivates with its feminine elegance.


Timeless & still KUNSTwerk: with an elegant engine turned dial on the front, it surprises with a partly skeletonized and hand engraved movement on the backside.  


An artfully decorated dial and the extraordinary time display give this watch a myserious character.



“Handwerk” in German means “Handcraft.” The first KUDOKE in-house movement Kaliber 1 is the foundation of this new collection. In keeping with his dedication to refinement, Stefan places great value on high hand finishing of the watch components. Hence the name of the collection reflects the traditional handcraft invested into each elaborate timepiece.

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