Free KudOktopus

Free KudOktopus

Also Free KudOktopus captures time with its handmade and -engraved thermally blued tentacle hands and holds wheels and screws tightly with its suction cups.

Free KudOktopus_front

As opposed to its two brothers, Free KudOktopus has been released from the case and is now no longer captured behind glass. Thus there is the imminent danger of the animal attaching itself to the wrist of its owner with its floating tentacles and not letting go again.

Fact Sheet
Free KudOktopus side


stainless steel – hand engraved – sapphire glass on front and caseback – onion crown – screwed strap elements – case diameter 42 mm

Free KudOktopus back


handwinding – diameter 36.6 mm – height 4.5 mm – 17 jewels – power reserve 46h – 18,000 half oscillations/hour – completely skeletonized and engraved by hand – electroplated in black & white rhodium

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