KUDOKE 2 – Zodiac

[Exclusive limited Edition
in collaboration with SJX]

ZODIAC – Limited Edition

Almost two years ago we met watch expert and founder of the eponymous blog SJX during the GPHG Award ceremony in Geneva. The fact that he was impressed by our winning model KUDOKE 2 led to the idea of creating a limited edition together based on this very model, but by incorporating some different aspects that make it stand apart from the original version with a Zodiac theme.

Therefore in mid 2020 Lee Yuen-Rapati, a Canadian illustrator better known as One Hour Watch came into play. After a quick briefing he came up with a brilliant series of zodiac symbols influenced by the celestial-Art Deco style of the original engraving on the 24-hour sky disc.

Each hour emblem represents a zodiac sign while incorporating the respective Roman numeral. Three, for instance, is represented by Cancer with “III” within, while ten is Aquarius containing a “X”. And “12” takes the form of the sign of Aries replacing the moon on the day-and-night disc. Those symbols are hand engraved into the chapter rings, sky disc as well as the logo on the dial plate.

The movement continues the celestial aesthetic incorporating planets of the solar system. By executing a relief engraving technique, the symbols remain raised while the surrounding parts are reduced and later electroplated in black rhodium compared to white rhodium for the stars and planets for better contrast. A rose gold plated balance cock adapts the color scheme of the front side accordingly.

This series is limited to 21 pieces plus one prototype. While 10 pieces will be equipped with a 18k rose gold bezel and crown the remaining pieces are encased in full titanium, which due to its grey tone matches the finishes on the dial and movement. Compared to its stainless steel counterpart the titanium version is brushed on the flanks and polished on the front.

It comes with a extremely hard wearing dark grey Alcantara strap that perfectly matches the dial colour as well as texture.

This special piece is available at SJX exclusively at a price of US$ 17,800 (full titanium) and US$ 19,500 (two-tone titanium and rose gold) incl. 7% Singapore VAT.

photographs by SJX

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