KUDOKE 3 Grüner Wald

KUDOKE 3 – Grüner Wald

[Sonderedition II in collaboration with EsperLuxe]

KUDOKE 3 Grüner Wald

Introducing the Kudoke K3 Grüner Wald Sonderedition II – An EsperLuxe 5 year Anniversary Special Edition Collaboration

In 2019, Christopher Daaboul of EsperLuxe first met with Stefan Kudoke at Baselworld’s dedicated AHCI (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants) space. There was so much to love about Stefan’s work – strong German watchmaking aesthetic and high quality craftsmanship at great prices. Chris knew that there was a perfect match for EsperLuxe in line with the philosophy of promoting high-quality independent watchmaking. This led to the first EsperLuxe special edition collaboration – the Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition (Green Forest Special Edition). After four years, EsperLuxe and Kudoke bring back the Grüner Wald (Green Forest) dial and are proud to unveil another exclusive collaboration – the Kudoke 3 Grüner Wald Sonderedition II. 

KUDOKE 3 Grüner Wald

The name for this Esperluxe exclusive timepiece relates to the dial’s color, a deep textured green inspired by Stefan’s forest surroundings in the German watchmaking haven of Saxony. On the dial, the steel hands are flame tempered brown to complete the color palette of the forest.

steel hands tempered brown by hand

But more than dial color variation, this special edition is about the brand and the region’s specialty: hand-engraving. Going above and beyond the standard engraving found on the Kudoke main bridges, the entire mainplate of this timepiece features a relief engraving of a traditional oak leaf design.

“Oak leaf” relief engraving by hand

The K3 pushes Kudoke to its next level. One of the biggest challenges for every watchmaker is retaining the design language established for a collection without new creations becoming aesthetically monotonous. Here, the Kudoke K3 moves in a new direction while maintaining a strong connection to its predecessors. While this timepiece has retained the same, “traditional” indication of minutes with a large hand and dial ring, it is the indication of hours that propels the collection’s evolution in the Kudoke 3.

Placed on an attached plate and divided into three dials on the level below the central dial, the hour is indicated with the help of a triple-armed hour hand – each hand with different lengths running between the two dials. When one arm of the hand reaches the end of the hour scale, the next longer or shorter arm appears at the beginning of the next hour scale. Hours 2, 6 and 10 are then shown twice on different scales before the current hand arm moves on. This is inspired by a combination of an old english pocket watch (for the upper dial) and the Glashütte Original Panoretropgraph with a three-tier countdown function, a piece Stefan worked on during his time in the atelier for prototypes and complications at GO.  

As with previous models, the understated 39mm stainless steel case with classic onion crown and 10.3 mm case height provides an appropriate setting for this classic yet extravagant watch, The timepiece’s beating heart, the KALIBER 1, is exposed through the sapphire crystal case back with its relief engraving, “Sonderedition II,” and oak leaf motif engraved on the balance cock.

The result of an exciting partnership once more, the KUDOKE 3 Grüner Wald Sonderedition is a special edition of 18 pieces available exclusively from EsperLuxe.



  • W: 39mm, H: 10.3 mm
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Fluted onion crown
  • Convex sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Sapphire crystal exhibition caseback
  • 5 ATM/50m water resistance

Dial & Hands:

  • Frosted two-part dial, silvered/ frosted green, with rhodinized chapter ring on top dial and plate to indicate hours in three sections on dial below
  • Flame tempered brown steel hands, minute hand with infinity symbol, three-arm hour hand


  • In-house Kaliber 1 manual winding
  • W: 30mm, H: 4.3 mm
  • 18 jewels
  • 28,800 vib/h (4Hz)
  • 46 hours power reserve
  • Relief engraved wheel bridge – “Sonderedition II”
  • Hand-engraved balance cock with “oak leaf” motif

Straps & Buckle:

  • Organic bovine leather strap, mocca brown with quick release system and stainless steel buckle
  • Additional Alcantara strap, stonegrey with quick release system and stainless steel pin buckle

Price: $16,500

Here you find the press release:

Press Release KUDOKE 3 Grüner Wald

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